Loccit, a new type of journal

Let’s face it, for many of us, our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram streams are our public diaries or journals. They may not expose much of our dirty laundry, but they represent a lot about who we are. In my ongoing quest to find and use the perfect digital diary or journal, I think the private online and mobile diary and journal site Loccit may be just everything I need in this regard.

Loccit is a UK-based website and iPhone app (both at beta level) that can import your online Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Foursquare, Flickr, and Instagram content into a single place, preserving your memories both online and, if you want, in traditional paper book form. It allows you to integrate both your public and private diary and journal entries in one private place, and that’s what got me hooked.

With Loccit, I can now merge my tweets with my personal diary and journal entries, and not be limited to 140 characters. It means I can publish personal private activities that Twitter followers could care less about. In the Loccit web format, the social network content you allow it to import is displayed in a book-like format, instead of just a linear list of entries. You can also just use Loccit without importing your social network content.


As of now, Loccit exists on only two platforms – as an iPhone app and as a web application. Both platforms sync with each other, but each has a unique orientation for those who like using their mobile device to write diary entries, and for those who may not even have an iPhone.

You can flip through the digital pages and see memories of your life (including photos you post to your timelines) on page after page. In its latest update, you can now import your Instagram photos into your Loccit diary.

Read more about Loccit and how it works here.